Commonly asked java programs in Selenium Interview

In the recent past I visited couple of companies for interview during my job hunting. There I was asked to make some small java programs. And I believe that most of those programs we would have surely created during our graduation. I am mentioning those small problems and...
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Book Review : Jasmine Cookbook

Are you a JS developer and want some framework that can help you to write unit test for your JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax then there is one framework especially design while keeping the pain point of JS developer and this is non other than Jasmine.Then question arises from where one...
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API Testing in BDD style with Cucumber

API testing in BBD style with Cucumber. cucumber-api lets one validate public APIs JSON response in blazingly fast time. Inspired by cucumber-api-steps. Checkout sample to see cucumber-api in action. Installation Add cucumber-api gem to your Gemfile: gem 'cucumber-api' Require cucumber-api in your Cucumber’s env.rb: require 'cucumber-api' Configuration Verbose...
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Test your external API with Cucumber

Introducing an extension to Cucumber that allows BDD-style testing of API If it is your first time hearing about Cucumber or BDD in general, no sweat. In short, it allows you to specify your expectation in plain, readable text, meaning even your product managers can (almost) read and...
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