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Need of Selenium training

Are you looking for Selenium Training in Gurgaon? With the growth of technology many software are coming into the market every day that helps different companies in making their work easier. Different software reduces the cost production of numerous industries and help in earning huge profit. For this purpose IT companies always do research and develop advanced software for meeting different needs. However, while designing new software if there will be any fault will come in coding it will reduce the efficiency of the software and can also cause damage of life and property. Therefore, before launching any software into the market IT companies test the software designed by engineers. For this purpose IT companies need software testers, which validate the authenticity of different software.

Software testers are highly skilled professionals and due to this reason IT companies pay them huge salaries. Looking at the increasing demand of software testers and bright career opportunity many students and even working people join the software testing training programs. In order to join software testing programs first you need to complete basic level, which is manual testing course. Although, manual testing is now outdated in market but you need to know that before going to Selenium training, which advanced level of software testing course. If you are looking for best institution for Selenium training in Gurgaon then Talent Plus Plus will provide you best platform for getting best career opportunity. Let us see why we are the best institution for selenium automation training program.

Highly experienced faculties

At our institution all the faculties taking classes are from world’s leading IT companies. With their immense experience students can learn better about software testing techniques. Further, along with the course the faculties also share their real life professional experience with the students, which can help students in getting best career opportunity. In addition, our faculties are also expert motivators who make the students prepare for facing different challenges that they face in their professional career. Thus, you can get world class software testing training at our institution.

Best timing for classes

We organize all our classes on weekends so that even if you work or study any other course it will easy for you attend our classes. Further, it will also ensure that you are not going to miss any of our classes. You will always feel comfortable while attending our classes and training module will be clear for you. It will help you in future when you will work as a professional software tester in any IT company.

More emphasis on practical training

At Talent Plus Plus all the theoretical classes are accompanied by practical training. Student at our institutions after completing each class do practical training on the things they have gone through. We also provide our students real case studies, which is based on the things that our faculties are teaching. At times we also provide mock tests to our students based on practical situation, which help them in their professional career in solving any kind of issues. 

Focus on each student

Our goal is not just to complete the courses in specified time duration but also focus on each student. Our faculties take care that each student must understand whatever they teach in their every class. Due to this our all students are competent to answer every question during their interview. Further, we always allow two way communications in our classes so that students can solve all their queries. 

Most economical feeTalent plus plus

Our course fee is very economical and you can complete Selenium training in Gurgaon with us in just Rs. 10,000. With us you can complete selenium training program in approximately 8 weeks. Thus, you can groom your career and reach the heights of success by paying nominal at our institution.

Give us a call at +91-9911449111 for a free demo class. Talent++ also provides Online Selenium Training which you can join from anywhere in the world.

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Finding Child Elements in WebDriver using findElements

Finding Child Elements in WebDriver using findElements is like a cake walk for many but i am sure at very first instance it would have taken long time to reach to the solution and might be Selenium WebDriver Javadocs would have helped you.

So here is the scenario

1- First Search a string in google search
2- Print all the result coming as search result.

So here are two approach to achieve this

First approach : Finding generic Xpath and fetching all element in a list using findElements method and then iterating in list and printing all the search result using getText() method…

So lets see how to achieve this generic xpath

1- Open
2- Search “I want child Element”
3- Right click on first search result and select inspect element. Screen something like this would be rendered
Right Click and Inspect Element4- Now right click on greyed out html code and Select Copy Xpath and paste it somewhere in notepad or it you want then in any text editor.
Like xpath for first element that i get is : //*[@id="rso"]/div[2]/div[1]/div/h3/a
5- Again go to second search result text and follow the step 3 and 4 and fetch the second xpath and xpath for second search result is : //*[@id="rso"]/div[2]/div[2]/div/h3/a
6- In the same fashion xpath for third search result would be : //*[@id="rso"]/div[2]/div[3]/div/h3/a

7- Find the similarity in xpath and also find html tag where some index/pattern is changing with each search result.
8- So what we got similar in all xpath <here i am going to divide the complete xpath in static and dynamic element>
So static parts are
and dynamic html tag is div[1], div[2], div[3] in between both static parts i.e. a) and b)
9- So remove the index of div that is varying each time.
So our xpath would be : //*[@id='rso']/div[2]/div/div/h3/a
Note: here we need to replace double quote.
10- So now we have a generic xpath and now we can write the code that could print all the search result one after another
so here is the code that would print all the search result

Result in console

Second Approach:  This approach is going to take help of Selenium WebDriver Javadocs of WebElement . In This approach we would first take the all the parents elements first in list and would iterate in each element of list and would try to find the child on the basis of generic xpath for child

But before going ahead please read this part of Javadocs for FindElements

Find all elements within the current context using the given mechanism. When using xpath be aware that webdriver follows standard conventions: a search prefixed with “//” will search the entire document, not just the children of this current node. Use “.//” to limit your search to the children of this WebElement. This method is affected by the ‘implicit wait’ times in force at the time of execution. When implicitly waiting, this method will return as soon as there are more than 0 items in the found collection, or will return an empty list if the timeout is reached.
So lets see how to achieve this one:
1- Search the string in google search textbox
2- Press F12, developer tool should get rendered, Now go to magnify icon in developer tool and inspect the sub container in complete search result page that contains all the search result. Our search would end once we get result as belowFindElements
3- Further drill down and find another container that is going to have all the search result text..and like this
4- If we would further drill down then we would come to know that class=’rc’ is coming with each search result container.
5- So take it as pivot element as parent and fetch it in List using finElements(By.className("rc"))
6- Iterate in list and now figure out the generic html tag that has been used for search result text and concatenate finElement method with each element of each iteration.
so here are two way
a) Xpath : In this scenario h3 is tag that is being used for search result text
so xpath would be : //h3 <since we are inside smallest container>
Now here is one tricky thing that we need to note is to use “.” just before xpath inside to let the control know that only h3 with recent iteration element is being in use other wise it will take the first element each time  and would print first search result for all iteration. so to avoid this scenario code would look like this

b) if we are going to use any of other locator method then code would be like this
element.findElement(By.tagName("h3")).getText(); here element is iterated element
So lets see one code that would print all the text but here it will go first to parent and then it would go to child element..

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It’s another World War – but with Bugs!

Test Insane Technologies Private Ltd. is hosting its much awaited event War with Bugs on October 10th2015. The month long event open globally is a platform for budding software testers and a challenge for established ones to explore the nitty-gritty of Exploratory Software Testing.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Test Insane Technologies was founded in the year 2014 by renowned software tester Santhosh Tuppad. War with Bugs which happens to be the brain child of this extremely passionate software tester and his team of equally fanatic testers is as they call it a way to give back to the industry and in the process come in contact with testers, not just locally but even globally, who share the same zeal and obsession for what Test Insane does. Deeming himself a proud bragger and eagerly waiting for War with Bugs to commence, Santhosh said, “We wouldn’t deny this being a part of building our brand but at the same time War with Bugs is a way for us to know how much testers out there love exploring and innovating. We’ve already received around 1,000 registrations from numerous testers and are really looking forward to the launch date of the competition.”

Software testers registered to participate in the competition will have to test the software(s) provided to them at the beginning of the competition and will be judged on the ideas they come up with to report as well as fix the bug in that software. Also, testers will be appreciated if they showcase their bug reporting, bug advocacy, risk analysis reporting skills while they report bugs in our platform. The one tester whose exploratory and adventurous testing skills are the most enthralling will win cash prize of 1500 USD. “Having just one winner makes the competition tougher but at the end of the day it’s all about how kick-ass you are,” added Santhosh.

Winner of numerous testing platforms himself, Santhosh Tuppad believes that hard challenges bring out the best in anyone. “Many such competitions organized in the sector seem redundant and there’s no takeaway from them. Through War with Bugs we not only want to challenge testers but also motivate and encourage them to strive harder,” he says.

Registrations for War with Bugs are ongoing and to enroll for the same, simply log on to

So mark your calendars for an entire month starting October 10th 2015, for Test Insane brings you the height of insanity in Exploratory Software Testing. This war is one that you want to be part of!


Read original article from this link:

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