Mar 22

Reviews,Walkthrough and inspection in software Testing

Before stating Review, Walkthrough and inspection why not we do understand static and dynamic testing and how these three are divided in to these two.

So lets have a look on Static and Dynamic Testing.

  • Static Testing v/s Dynamic Testing

Static testing is done basically to test the software work products , requirement specifications, test plan , user manual etc. They are not executed, but tested with the set of some tools and
processes. It provides a powerful way to improve the quality and productivity of software development.

Dynamic Testing is basically when execution is done on the software code as a technique to detect defects and to determine quality attributes of the code. With dynamic testing methods,
software is executed using a set of inputs and its output is then compared to the the expected results. Continue reading

Mar 01

Book Review: Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

Selenium WebDriver Practical Guided

Are you trying to switch in to Selenium WebDriver automation and your boss  is insisting to automate all web application over which you working since long time then I think Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide by  Satya Avasarala  is going to help you in the best way. This book has incorporated everything that is going to help both Beginners along with experienced automation testers and it is easy to follow because this book has featured step by step tutorial approach and this step to step approach is going to help every reader to digest every chunk of content written in this book. So any one can start his learning with this book.

What is inside this book

The books starts with a detail history of Selenium, and has also included “how each flavor of selenium component like IDE, Selenium 1.0 and WebDriver are different from each other” and what has made Continue reading