Utilize Off-time (less work) @Office

1.       Make complete use of your Off-time (less work) at office. This comes for energize yourself. You can re-organize, re-think and do many things for yourself.

2.       When you have time in between your daily routine, you can do many useful tasks i.e. arrange email-inbox, assemble system file/folders, organize desktop etc.

3.       Get rid of old files/folders who is just eating space of your system.

4.       Review your previous done work in order to improve. Documents need updations after some amount of time.

5.       Re-organize your meetings/appointments timings according to current necessities.

6.       Give a thought on your current position. Do reassess yourself.

7.       Do planning for near future. Off-time gives you time as you required.

8.       But, Please DON’T waste Off-time into Gossips/Daydreaming. It gives you nothing.


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