HA Node and Testing Scenarios

Today, we will discuss about “What is HA Implementation of Node” in Big data testing and what are the test-scenarios for HA testing and other points can be considered

HA Implementation=>

In simple words, by creating one more standby replica node of the Working node and can be use if Working node downs due to any reason. If we have Replica node, this would ensure no down time and very minimum jobs failure in case hardware fails/any outage. Both nodes should be same as hardware, software and configuration wise except IP and Hostname are different to identify.

Testing Scenarios=>

Work in Progress….

Be nice @ work

  • It’s difficult to be…. As we always expects genuineness from others in any situation. Please do it begin with self and follow always sincerely.
  • We always want that others can ignore our mistake or correct it quietly. But why not we follow the same?
  • Why we started to give suggestions others without listen from him/her properly.
  • Are we following self our rules which we articulated to others always.
  • We always keep watch in others job/activity with malicious intentions. Stop this practice.
  • Neve do Rumours or not involved in any ill-behaved activities at work-place
  • Don’t be so loud in office. Always keep your voice/laugh in limit.
  • Follow the rules/regulations in office premise as suggested by Admin staff.
  • Always go through with proper channel if any complaint/issues with supporting staff of office. If any issues, communicate through proper channel.

Good To Ask !

Good to Ask @ Work:

  • It’s always good to ask questions @work (In Meeting, Call, Conference, session, Interview) . But before to ask, take a couple of seconds and think over why, what, whom, when, how and where to ask. If you start practice to think on above points before ask; would help you
  • Always ask question in simple manner with easy language. Remember you language shouldn’t be offended, no matter who is in front of you.
  • Question should be specific and have defined scope. And it should be related to the topic.
  • Don’t club 2-3 questions in single question. Ask questions one by one if needed.
  • Questions should be short and straight.
  • Question’s intent should be to get information or confirmation. Never ask question to put others in trouble or trying to let down.
  • Please don’t ask questions for malicious purpose or to just show your knowledge.
  • Don’t ask much questions in any meeting or conference. If you have in bulk, schedule separate meeting with presenter or with limited audience. Or you can send your questions through email.
  • In Nut shell, Please have a precaution to ask questions, In-turn, question tell about your personality, thought process and knowledge level to others.
  • Question conversations in any meeting/session always increase the effectiveness and complete the purpose. Questions helps to get complete understanding of topic/problem.
  • Question helps to increase good communication between attendees.
  • And most important, Listen the reply attentively of your question. And don’t forget to say thanks to the person who answered.
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