Etiquette in Call @ work

     Part-1 Always advised to take call from conference room/separate area, so it would save you from background disturbance and other distractions. In call, Punctuality matters; so we have to start join call at least 5 minutes before. Always respect your and others time and also it would give you time to fix if any issue i.e. call-bridge failure,

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Be nice @ work

It’s difficult to be…. As we always expects genuineness from others in any situation. Please do it begin with self and follow always sincerely. We always want that others can ignore our mistake or correct it quietly. But why not we follow the same? Why we started to give suggestions others without listen from him/her properly. Are we following self

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Utilize Off-time (less work) @Office

1.       Make complete use of your Off-time (less work) at office. This comes for energize yourself. You can re-organize, re-think and do many things for yourself. 2.       When you have time in between your daily routine, you can do many useful tasks i.e. arrange email-inbox, assemble system file/folders, organize desktop etc. 3.       Get rid of old files/folders who is just

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