Be nice @ work

  • It’s difficult to be…. As we always expects genuineness from others in any situation. Please do it begin with self and follow always sincerely.
  • We always want that others can ignore our mistake or correct it quietly. But why not we follow the same?
  • Why we started to give suggestions others without listen from him/her properly.
  • Are we following self our rules which we articulated to others always.
  • We always keep watch in others job/activity with malicious intentions. Stop this practice.
  • Neve do Rumours or not involved in any ill-behaved activities at work-place
  • Don’t be so loud in office. Always keep your voice/laugh in limit.
  • Follow the rules/regulations in office premise as suggested by Admin staff.
  • Always go through with proper channel if any complaint/issues with supporting staff of office. If any issues, communicate through proper channel.
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