GIT Tutorial: Fixing mistakes in previous git commit

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  1. Learn Selenium 3(Using Java client) and GIT 
  2. Learn GIT Quickly
  3. Learn groovy for soapui and geb
  4. Learn automation using Geb and Spock

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Learn Automation With Geb and Spock and get all benefit of Selenium WebDriver

Hello friends I have always been in search of new technology and new automation tool that could help us to make our task easy and more like a cake walk and have found Geb – Very Groovy Browser Automation framework and this is going to be your next best web application automation framework due to its great features.

As we all know that  Selenium WebDriver has gained a very good user base and it has become the phenomena of Software Testing and most asked skill set for each and every software tester and this is best browser automation tool that is moving ahead with it new Avatar “Selenium 3”. You could see what Simon has detailed all about and complete webinar could be seen on Joe Colantonio site with title Selenium 3 Sneak Peak – What You Need to Know.

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But this is not the end of Selenium WebDriver explosion but just the beginning of new era where new browser automation frameworks based on Selenium WebDriver are coming in to market place. But not all fall right on the expectations of automation engineer who are devoting their precious time to learn new aspect and context of writing automation script.

In series of Selnium WebDriver wrapper, Geb has emerged as one of the leading framework that has provided solution to some of the limitation of Selenium WebDriver by using Groovy DSL and Jquery to make automation more fun.

So let me start with a small introduction of this framework and some of its benefit of using Geb over Selenium WebDriver.

Geb is a browser automation framework which is a wrapper on Selenium  WebDriver and it has embraced some of the features that make is better than Selenium WebDriver at some of the fronts

Features those need to be looked upon by every Selenium WebDriver Engineer to tap the features of Geb framework to address many of the issues that people use to face while writing script through Selenium WebDriver

  • Geb provides a very mature page object modelling
  • It used jquery like api to find the web element on page which is quite faster
  • This framework supports all the browser those are supported by Selenium WebDriver
  • Best part is, Use of groovy for scripting it means we have two language one is groovy and second one is java to write our script.
  • Good integration with most of the java testing framework along with most of the BDD based framework including Spock framework which provides a feature of an enterprise testing framework
  • Geb integration with most of the build tool is quite easy.

For the same I have created one course on Udemy with title “Learn automation with Geb and Spock” one week back and people are showing their love of this tool and might be you could also take it as opportunity to learn new Selenium WebDriver based framework.

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Take away of this course

  1. Good understanding of Groovy
  2. Zero to expert level understanding of Geb Automation tool
  3. You will also learn one new Testing framework Spock that is also being used for unit testing of Java and Groovy code
  4. You will get step by step tutorial to learn geb, groovy and spock.


So take this course at 67% discount from here

Geb and Spock Tutorial

Those who are going to take this course could get chance to get another 50% discount on my Groovy Course as well.

I would be happy to assist you with your query on each Sunday from 8-9 AM IST on my skype id :dwarika.dhish.mishra

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Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon at Talent Plus Plus

Need of Selenium training

Are you looking for Selenium Training in Gurgaon? With the growth of technology many software are coming into the market every day that helps different companies in making their work easier. Different software reduces the cost production of numerous industries and help in earning huge profit. For this purpose IT companies always do research and develop advanced software for meeting different needs. However, while designing new software if there will be any fault will come in coding it will reduce the efficiency of the software and can also cause damage of life and property. Therefore, before launching any software into the market IT companies test the software designed by engineers. For this purpose IT companies need software testers, which validate the authenticity of different software.

Software testers are highly skilled professionals and due to this reason IT companies pay them huge salaries. Looking at the increasing demand of software testers and bright career opportunity many students and even working people join the software testing training programs. In order to join software testing programs first you need to complete basic level, which is manual testing course. Although, manual testing is now outdated in market but you need to know that before going to Selenium training, which advanced level of software testing course. If you are looking for best institution for Selenium training in Gurgaon then Talent Plus Plus will provide you best platform for getting best career opportunity. Let us see why we are the best institution for selenium automation training program.

Highly experienced faculties

At our institution all the faculties taking classes are from world’s leading IT companies. With their immense experience students can learn better about software testing techniques. Further, along with the course the faculties also share their real life professional experience with the students, which can help students in getting best career opportunity. In addition, our faculties are also expert motivators who make the students prepare for facing different challenges that they face in their professional career. Thus, you can get world class software testing training at our institution.

Best timing for classes

We organize all our classes on weekends so that even if you work or study any other course it will easy for you attend our classes. Further, it will also ensure that you are not going to miss any of our classes. You will always feel comfortable while attending our classes and training module will be clear for you. It will help you in future when you will work as a professional software tester in any IT company.

More emphasis on practical training

At Talent Plus Plus all the theoretical classes are accompanied by practical training. Student at our institutions after completing each class do practical training on the things they have gone through. We also provide our students real case studies, which is based on the things that our faculties are teaching. At times we also provide mock tests to our students based on practical situation, which help them in their professional career in solving any kind of issues. 

Focus on each student

Our goal is not just to complete the courses in specified time duration but also focus on each student. Our faculties take care that each student must understand whatever they teach in their every class. Due to this our all students are competent to answer every question during their interview. Further, we always allow two way communications in our classes so that students can solve all their queries. 

Most economical feeTalent plus plus

Our course fee is very economical and you can complete Selenium training in Gurgaon with us in just Rs. 10,000. With us you can complete selenium training program in approximately 8 weeks. Thus, you can groom your career and reach the heights of success by paying nominal at our institution.

Give us a call at +91-9911449111 for a free demo class. Talent++ also provides Online Selenium Training which you can join from anywhere in the world.

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