Linkedin Showing anomaly on Chrome and Mozilla

I am not sure whether this is happening only on my system or this is also being observed by other user. Whenever I am trying to see the profile of some friend of friend-list or in connection then

1- In Chrome 

  • It  shows one request like WAITING FOR SECURE-US.IMRWORLDWIDE.COM….
  • Scroller get stuck and page download does n’t finish even we left for many hours,
  • This is happening with those linkedin profile in which person is currently living/working  in USA

2- In Mozilla

  • linkedin ErrorA script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


  • Mozilla become freez and browser start showing No response message on the top of Browser.


Friends I have seen this anomaly in my system and want you all to just verify and if you know some troubleshooting method to come out with this situation then please let me know.

While same thing is working properly in IE browser


Hoping  to listen from you


Dwarika Dhish Mishra


How we perform the integration Testing

Integration Testing is a four step procedure. Below are the steps for creating integration test cases:

1. Identify Unit Interfaces: The developer of each program unit identifies and documents the unit’s interfaces for the following unit operations:

– External inquiry (responding to queries from terminals for information)
– External input (managing transaction data entered for processing)
– External filing (obtaining, updating, or creating transactions on computer files)
– Internal filing (passing or receiving information from other logical processing units)
– External display (sending messages to terminals)
– External output (providing the results of processing to some output device or unit)

2. Reconcile Interfaces for Completeness: The information needed for the integration test template is collected for all program units in the software being tested. Whenever one unit interfaces with another, those interfaces are reconciled. For example, if program unit A transmits data to program unit B, program unit B should indicate that it has received that input from program unit A. Interfaces not reconciled are examined before integration tests are executed.

3. Create Integration Test Conditions: One or more test conditions are prepared for integrating each program unit. After the condition is created, the number of the test condition is documented in the test template.

4. Evaluate the Completeness of Integration Test Conditions: The following list of questions will help guide evaluation of the completeness of integration test conditions recorded on the integration testing template. This list can also help determine whether test conditions created for the integration process are complete.

1. Is an integration test developed for each of the following external inquiries:

– Record test?
– File test?
– Search test?
– Match/merge test?
– Attributes test?
– Stress test?
– Control test?

2. Are all interfaces between modules validated so that the output of one is recorded as input to another?

3. If file test transactions are developed, do the modules interface with all those indicated files?

4. Is the processing of each unit validated before integration testing?

5. Do all unit developers agree that integration test conditions are adequate to test each unit’s interfaces?

6. Are all software units included in integration testing?

7. Are all files used by the software being tested included in integration testing?

8. Are all business transactions associated with the software being tested included in integration testing?

9. Are all terminal functions incorporated in the software being tested included in integration testing?

Courtesy : Abhishek Dubey 

Test Cases for Elevator(Lift)

In most of the cases interviewer ask to write test cases. Today I am helping myself in writing test cases for elevator (lift).But before start writing test case I would like to cast our attention on one of the best thing that is ensured by Software Testing and This is nothing but the Software Quality.

So here I am taking the reference of one of the article “What does product quality really mean” written by Dr. David A Gravin, Ph.D professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School.

Through this article Dr Gravin has defined 5 approaches of defining the Quality of a product from 4 decipline i.e Philosophy, economics, Marketing and Operational management and these are as follows taken from


So I am using the same 4 decipline that helps in defining the quality of a product for writing my test cases for elevator.

I am going to divide my test cases in these 4 decipline

1-      Philosophy
2-      Economy
3-       Marketing
4-      Operation Management

Test case for elevator


1-      Verify the height and width and volume of life as per the requirement.
2-      Verify that button for closing lift, opening lift, fan, emergency and all floor numbers should be there on button panel
3-      Verify the presence of display where floor number appears
4-      Verify floor number is being announced on each floor
5-      Verify the light and aroma along with some instrumental music
6-      Verify that maximum number of people  and weight is written on wall and also verify all emergency instructions.
7-      Verify  up and down button  outside the life
8-      Verify the presence of sensor

1-      Verify power used in operation since this is not the main concern here so I am just leaving this part.

1-      Verify that lift is able to move up and down
2-      Verify that lift is capable to stop on floors which are pressed in button panel
3-      Verify that lift close when close button is placed or should close once after few time as per manual time
4-      Verify that fan is working on pressing respective button
5-      Verify the sensor
When lift is going to close and someone has just put any object or body parts in between the lift doors
6-      Verify the maximum weighing capacity of life by putting weight
7-      Verify that when weight exceed from standard than it should give some alert message or some alert sound should ring
8-      Verify that light and fan is running at power failure
9-      Verify the jerk on power failure
10-   Verify the speed of lift  , it shouldn’t be fast
11-   Verify that lift stops at right floor i.e if user click on 2nd floor then lift should stop on 2nd floor not on 4th floor.
12-   Verify the landing speed of lift
13-   Verify the time between two successive floors.
14-   Verify that lift doors can’t be open when lift is moving down or upward
15-   Verify that lift doors are closed when no one is using it
16-   Verify that once lift has crossed certain floor and some person has click to open lift then lift should open when lift comes down at that floor.
17-    Some test cases that is basically based on Reliability

  1. Verify working of lift on power failure
  2. Verify working of lift once power comes
  3. Verify the working of lift once weight exceeds the standard weight. 

1-      Since this is mainly done if we are testing lift for sell purpose.
Friends I have tried and now it’s your turn to add value to these test cases.


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