Executing Selenium WebDriver Scripts in Safari Browser using SafariDriver

Previously SafariDriver was supporting safari browser on Windows machine but recently Apple has decided to remove its support for windows and then executions on safari has become the job of Mac machine. So for the same we need mac machine where safari browser should be installed. 

Safaridriver has been implemented as a plugin in safari browser and this provides a perfect match of client and server machine where SafariDriverServer acts as server and Selenium-Java/Language binding acts as client .

So for the same we need to download the plugin and it needs to be installed on Safari browser and once plugin installed on Safari every thing is set and you can write script for safari like any other browser by calling the

So before moving ahead let see the steps to perform these actions.

1- Go to http://seleniumhq.org

2- Go to Download tab

3- Again navigate to “SafariDriver” heading

4- Now click on hyperlink beside “Latest Release”

5- It will download the plugin and double click on downloaded file and it will open extension installation screen. Click on “Trust ” button and it will install it in browser and by default it will check WebDriver checkbox.

6- Go to your eclipse and write scripts and it will work like any other browser on Mac machine

For better understanding watch video once and if still you have some doubt then please share your feedback.


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