Software Testing approach

We normally follow two approaches in software testing:

1) Static Testing : This is the first kind of software testing and is done to verify the conformance of software system to its specification without executing the code. This is mainly used to test the document related to software testing like “People go through the source code or with certain debugger to find out the syntax error”. Along with this static testing is used to find the missing parts of a specification. Read more

What is software Testing

Before reading more about Software Testing,lets read Google Quote, so here is the  Google quote “we are testing and breaking code constantly, but we help rebuild it better.”

This statement is clear enough to define software testing and explain why testing is done. So now you would be in better condition to explain testing, that it is to break the (system) product, this helps in making much robust and more accurate product that wins the heart of many.

So intention behind testing is finding more and more bugs and errors in product to help in making it better so that it hits the market with a sense of completeness. Read more

Re-testing vs. Regression Testing

Difference between Regression and Re-testing are most haunting software testing question asked in any interview by interviewer and we normally get confused between Regression and Retesting

We as tester do Retesting and Regression testing all our life, Whether we reach on the top of ladder of this profession or has just started the profession.

Software testing is a kind of fun and if you are not enjoying the software testing, It means you are not following the right method of testing.

Since we people are linked with the testing of software, we all would be pretty familiar with the word Regression and Retesting. Since both sound similar and comes in to action just after a bug-fix, so most of the time we people get stuck to the fundamental difference between Retesting and Regression.

Here i am going to note down

Difference between Regression and Retesting

1-Retesting is done to make sure that bug is fixed and failed functionality is working fine or not, This is kind of verification method followed in testing field for the fixed bugs. Whereas, Regression is re-execution of the test cases for unchanged part to see that unchanged functionality is working fine are not.

2-  Retesting is a planned testing while Regression is know as the generic testing.

3- Retesting is only done for failed Test cases while Regression is done for passed test cases.

4- We should always keep this in mind, Re-testing has higher priority than the regression testing. But in bigger projects Retesting and Regression is done in parallel effort.But never forget importance of both in the success of the project.

Let me explain my things with an example.

For eg: in an application we need to manage college accounts department, college hostel department and college academic department. There are three modules. A bug was found in hostel module. So, it needs to be retested. And since accounts module depends on hostel module, so regression testing would be done on hostel module also.

Courtesy: Amrit Kaur

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